Monday, November 30, 2009

The links 2 the kids blog

I made them their own blog. More or less so I can keep up w/ things so i can look back & go "oh so thats when that happened". Also im gonna print it out & put it in their "keepsake" boxes.

Bryan's blog
Kevin's blog
Mason's blog

How you know you're ready to be a mom

FEEDING TEST: Obtain a large plastic milk jug. Fill halfway with water. Suspend from the ceiling with a stout cord. Start the jug swinging. Try to insert spoonfuls of soggy cereal (such as Fruit Loops or Cheerios) into the mouth of the jug, while pretending to be an airplane. Now dump the contents of the jug on the floor.

(i stole this from a cafemom member)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What would i do without him

I found myself saying "i couldnt do it without him". I found it so peaceful & pleasent to say that. I raised Bryan & Kevin on my own, tho Jason was there, he wasnt much of a dad. He wouldnt do much with them & the way i put it is that his idea of parenting was to sit on the sofa & occationally say "dont do that". He wouldnt help with the excuse "i just got off work".

Last year this time i never ever expected to say "i couldnt do it without him" because i have done it all without him basically.

I am giddy over the fact Jason has stepped up to be the best dad in the world. He gets up, helps me put the kids on the bus & in return i take him to work (otherwise its city bus for him). He works all day & even on his really bad days he comes home & helps me with the kids. Our routine is that i care for Bryan & he cares for Kevin. We split duties. Of course i care for Mason.

In the beginning i souly cared for Mason due to the fact i could be the only 1 to feed him. Jason of course held, talked, & played with Mason (as much as u can wit a little baby). Now at night he helps me calm him when is colic so i sleep more, he goes back to sleep when i feed Mason so he isnt totally exhausted. Its nice that i'm not the only 1 sleep deprived & that i have help. We couldnt do it without our cosleeper that puts Mason in between us.

Im not the kind of person 2 admit i need help, id do just fine without it, but i will admit it is nice to have it!

... I'm proud to say "i dont know what id do without him"...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My rose

This is the rose that Jason gave me. I love my hubby buyin me things, just to buy them! He bought these a few days ago. All closed up & perfect. Now a few r bruised but this 1, omg this 1 opened up PERFECTLY!
Sometimes after almost 10 full yrs of bn together & i know him inside & out but yet he can still suprise me by buying me flowers for no reason at all.

Children for sale!!!

Not really but its been 1 of them days but this too shall pass...

I took all 3 kids out. They were horrible! I took them for a 2 mile walk & they did good, really good, except 4 the last 1/4th mile. Thats when "listening" didnt happen. Bryan continued 2 do whatever he wanted refusing to listen & of course, Kevin is matching him move for move, so i had 2 children not listening... Sadly with Kevin worshiping the ground Bryan walks on we get that a lot, we have to remind Bryan (not that he cares) that his brother learns from him.

So Bryan got put in timeout after his scooter is folded up & put up extremely high, & Kevin got put in his room for "rest time" because he was warn out & oh so cranky so he needed 2 rest instead of running around the house some more.

Right now i expect Mason to wake anytime for food, Bryans out of timeout & in the room with Kevin. So i'm relaxing!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Family Introductions

I thought since this is the 1st post i would introduced my family to you... I'll make it short & sweet & to the point since most of u readin this already know this about me...

There isnt much to write about me, my life is my family. Jason busts his butt to support us so i can stay at home & raise our children. Bryan, age 6, & Kevin, age 3, r disabled/special needs. My youngest, Mason, just born, 10/6/09, & so far healthy as a horse. I had my tubes tied so no more babies! We do not want anymore. I want to enjoy the children i already have. Pregnancy almost killed me this last go around so i'm beyond done. Jason & I agreed if we want more children we will adopt an older disabled child (4+) later on down the road.

Bryan's in kindergarden & Kevin's in healthy start so they're both in school & doing wonderful. Bryan is very over protective of both his younger brothers. Kevin has proven he is super smart even tho he is a chunky monkey. He is sweet but turning n2 a lil monster. Mason is a sweet heart baby. He is colicy & does cry a lot more then my other 2 combined! He has slept a few nights w/out waking which made me & Jason happy! I hear stories about breastfed babies not sleeping for up to a yr during the night or longer depending on how long you do it so i'm extremely thankful. Bryan & Kevin were formula babies so they slept thru the night by 2wks old.
So far...

10/20 - Cooing - 2w
11/1 - Rolling back to tummy - 3w5d
11/4 - Holding head up over 5min on his own - 4w1d

10/6 - 7lbs 1oz & 19" long - birth
10/13 - 7lbs 7oz & 19.5" long - 1wk checkup
10/28 - 8lbs 4oz & 21.75" long - 3wk checkup